Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's Red Scarf season!

The Red Scarf project has picked up incredible steam among bloggers over recent months, and now that January has arrived, it's time to send the scarves in. Here's what I'll be popping in the mail to the Orphan Foundation of America tomorrow - along with a couple of gift cards to Subway (eat fresh!)

My photo is marginal at best, but I really like how the scarves turned out. The one on the left is knit in ordinary Caron Simply Soft, using the enjoyable rib stitch that's my new scarfy favorite. The other is knit in seed stitch out of a double strand of thin red chenille and something really fluffy - it's been a couple of months since I knit it, but I think it was Red Heart Light N' Lofty or something like that.

I just love the whole concept of this project. The Washington D.C.-based OFA mobilizes volunteers to send care packages for Valentine's Day to kids who have transitioned out of foster care and are now attending college. Most have little or no family support. The OFA helps with scholarships and plenty of other resources, too -- but volunteers can salute these determined kids by sending a little extra encouragement in the form of a handknit scarf.

I clearly remember how great it was getting packages from my folks when I was in college lo these many years ago. And as a mother, I loved sending them to Maureen, too. It's great to know that this organization will connect volunteers with kids who probably wouldn't be getting that little surprise otherwise.

For a much better look at some of the fabulous creations that knitters everywhere are sending to this great project, check out the photo gallery on Norma's Red Scarf blog.


Wool Winder said...

I love these scarves and think the project is terrific!

Joe said...

How cool a project, Anne.

Almost as good as certain chocolate chip cookies I recall getting in the mail at college!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to barge in on your blog when I have nothing to add about sewing. I read your post about the garments and blankets you make on neonatal doc's blog, wondering whether these items make a difference to parents. As a mother who lost a baby at 19 weeks, I can tell you that it was a wonderful gift to have these things. To know that others cared about the very brief life and death of our baby was touching and comforting. And to have a blanket that held him is a lasting comfort. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a comment you posted on neonatal doc's blog...
as a nurse in a very large, very busy NICU; i cant say how much those blankets & outfits mean to the parents. to get a sense of how much your thoughtfulness touches lives, check out the blog of a mom from my unit & look back several months to see how greatful she was for the outfits in her time of distress

Anonymous said...

sorry.. realized i didnt post the site:

Stephanie said...

I am a little late on the bandwagon (just starting my scarf last night) but I hope to finish it in a week and mail it in before the cut-off! Yours look great, btw!
- Stephanie