Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My so-called experiment

I was digging around for inspiration for a scarf I wanted to knit for the United Way silent auction. I wanted to use up two skeins of Lamb's Pride bulky "Blue Flannel" that I'd had in my stash for three or four years. Such a luscious yarn; such a beautiful shade. Plus, Lamb's Pride and the entire Brown Sheep line is spun in my beloved home state of Nebraska. So I really wanted a terrific pattern for this little love-fest I had going on with the yarn.

I found this pattern for "My So-Called Scarf" and just loved it. An unusual stitch. Even a You-Tube demonstration on the slipped stitches and psso's.

I got into it for a little while, and you know what? I didn't love it. The stitch was great, but I was bothered by the bumpy edges on the scarf. I'm so used to slipping the first stitch of every row and creating that lovely, smooth edge. This pattern didn't allow for that, and I hadn't bothered to do the math to accommodate the additional stitch on both sides of the pattern.

Plus, I realized I really don't like scarves that aren't reversible. Now, I love to admire the wonderful cables on the Irish hiking scarves but I can't get over the fact that they look very different on the other side. It probably doesn't bother most people. It bothers me. I'm OK with that.

Suffice to say, My So-Called Scarf soon disappeared and turned instead into a standard, classic, K2 P2 ribbed scarf.

Boring? Predictable? Sure. But warm? Stretchy? Reversible? Yes, indeed. And I'm OK with that, too.


Natalie said...

I didn't realize you were from Nebraska. I lived in Lincoln for three years and loved it. Me and my husband would love to move back, but the job market's just so much better on the East Coast.

Marge said...

Anne, I'm so glad you're okay with all of this experimenting!! You did what you had to do, and then corrected it all. So glad you feel better now. Your eldest sister does not want you to be bothered by any little thing at all...not even a stitch that just doesn't suit you!! I'm sending good Nebraska memories and lots of love, my dear!!

maureen said...

you are so cute I can barely stand it. what a good mommy.

Wool Winder said...

I've always wanted to make My So-Called Scarf and still plan on it. Non-reversible scarves don't bother me at all. The ribbed scarf you ended up with is lovely. The color is so pretty. It should do well in the auction.

Karen said...

wow, what perseverance!! I'm surprised that your Nebraska yarn was blue, not red. However, all people from Nebraska may not be football fans!!

Great post, Anne!

tiennie said...

It's very nice - the color is so pretty!