Sunday, September 23, 2007

100th-post drawing winner

As scheduled, I tossed all the names of last week's commenters into Dan's well-worn Tilley hat this evening (yes, including relatives - this was a scrupulously fair event, and there was no sense in penalizing anyone with whom I happen to share DNA...)

And the winner is...

Candy, this may not equate to winning the lottery, but I'll be delighted to send the little quilted coasters your way! You may be in the midst of moving right now, so just e-mail me when you have a moment and let me know which address I should use.

Candy is a lovely young woman whose blog I discovered about a year ago. She has become a real advocate for the comfort of bereaved parents. Her Emmazing Grace foundation is dedicated to providing size-appropriate garments and other items for tiny newborns who are called to their heavenly home. The foundation also assists with headstones or other burial items for families who need them, to help honor and mark the significance of these brief but precious lives. She and her husband dedicate this work to the memory of their tiny daughter, Emma, who lost her valiant NICU struggle two years ago. Candy's sharing of her family's story has really inspired many people to continue this special service work.

I'll post some photos of the United Way silent auction in the days to come, but suffice to say it was a huge success. I was delighted with the response to my quilted things, and it was really fun to see the bidding mount up for a great cause. More in a bit.

And thanks again for the good wishes on my 100th post! I really have enjoyed doing this blog and will continue to for a long time to come.


Karen said...

Congratulations, Candy!!

Thanks, Anne, for verifying the fairness of the drawing with photos.

We'll look forward to continued good ideas, laughs and even some very touching moments in the next 100 as we have in the past.

Wool Winder said...

Congratulations to Candy!

I knew your items would do well. Good going!

Candy said...

Yipee!!! I can't believe it. I'm one of those that never wins anything. Thanks so much Anne!! You can send them to my current address. I'll email you, though.

Thanks too for the kind words about me and the foundation! ((HUGS))

kathy said...