Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A necktie backpack

You'd think that if I were going to take another extended blogging break, I'd have something truly spectacular to post upon my return. Not so, unfortunately -- the summer's been preoccupied with gardening and camping, rather than sewing. However, I did spend the final hours of the Labor Day weekend making this experimental backpack out of a bag of old silk ties I got at our quilt guild rummage sale in April.
I didn't use a pattern or really have any sort of plan in mind with it at all. I just started putting ties side-by-side and zig-zagged them together with gold thread. It almost designed itself. I lined the whole thing with a gold and burgundy cotton, and stitched the wide, pointy end of another tie to the lining to form a cell phone pocket.

I have to say, I just love how it turned out. Bohemian, yet rather chic in a strange sort of way. Here's the back:

And because I had plenty of scraps left over, I made a little zippered makeup bag, too.

These will both go into the annual United Way silent auction at work, which always seems to inspire me to get off my duff and start letting the creative juices flow.


Angelika said...

Interesting, where you get all your inspiration. The bags look great and there I thought you raided the mens closet and freed it from years worth of christmas gifts. :)

Wool Winder said...

Love both of them!

Ruth's Place said...

I love the backpack!!

Daffy's Dream said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I love this backpack, this is such a brillant idea. I would love to try my hand on this if possible if you can post the tutorial that be be great.

Cliff Spears said...

Very creative, Anne! That would look awesome when partnered with a plane white shirt. And I agree; bags made of neckties are given character by the design of the ties and not by the sewing style. It's nice that you were able to come up with a Bohemian-esque backpack and a purse with ethnic patterns. Great job!

Anonymous said...

i made vests and dec jackets with ties found all i would need at the thrift shop salvation army