Sunday, June 08, 2008

Eeek! Thrips!

This weekend's unseasonably hot, humid weather has challenged my flowerbeds, so I've kept the garden hose handy to do deep watering. And I don't know if it was aggravated by the heat or not, but my wonderful little New Dawn rose came down with a case of the thrips.

I plucked off and crushed all the little critters I could spot, but they seemed to come back within hours. Dan positioned the finch feeder next to the rosebush, so that can't hurt. And in looking online for some natural solutions, I ran across this item about sticky traps.

Instead using yellow posterboard (really, who has that in the house?) I stitched some yellow fabric to a couple of narrow strips of stiff interfacing (OK, I do have that in the house) and added hanging loops of the yellow rick rack which also happened to be handy.

Then I just slathered them with Vaseline and hung them right on the rose bush.

To be honest, the thing looks pretty ridiculous with these yellow dangly things on it. Reminds me of old stories about medieval children with a poultices around their necks to ward off the plague.

But I'll be darned -- the traps actually seem to be working. I haven't seen a single little critter feasting on New Dawn's buds or leaves since I put them on yesterday morning!


Karen said...

In our recent move, I threw out two large pieces of yellow posterboard--obviously remnants of our children's junior high years (and the "children" are now in their 30's. Little did I know there was such a use for it......... well, sometimes you have to make a hard decision. But now I vow to NEVER throw away any yellow posterboard!

I also disposed of an extra large roll of "white out" for a typewriter. You place it in front of the key and type over your error. So I guess I just cannot make any typographical errors now either.

Fun topic, Anne!

Wool Winder said...

This rose is hardy, so don't worry too much. It will survive a few bugs. The traps sound like a good idea though.

tiennie said...

Very handy!

Rebekah C said...

such a great idea! I love it when crafty ideas go outside :)