Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A birdly treat

My office window looks out onto a small courtyard crowded with trees. This afternoon I was earnestly writing away on something, and a flash of orange caught my eye.

Could it be? Nahhh, it couldn't...or could it?

It flitted about and perched in a more-exposed spot. Sure enough, it was a male Baltimore oriole, resplendent in orange and black and singing its little heart out.

This was an amazing sight, considering this little spot -- as green as it is -- seldom attracts any bird life but the occasional grackle or crow. I grabbed my camera out of my purse and snapped away.

When the bird flitted over to another part of the courtyard, I raced down the hallway and around the corner into my co-worker Mike's office. "Look out your window!" I told him. "There's a Baltimore oriole out there!"

Mike scowled. "You know I'm a Yankees fan," he said.

Y'got me on that one, Mike. Ba-DUMP-bum!


Dee said...

Very pretty (even to this Yankees fan). LOL

Karen in Wichita said...

I was going to say "It's okay, Yankees fans, they aren't Baltimore Orioles anymore," but I see they've split the Northern Oriole again.


Next thing, they'll be telling me red- and yellow-shafted flickers aren't combined into "Northern Flicker" anymore.

Karen said...

Anne: I'm so glad that you are using your blog for comments on whatever is on your mind. I always enjoy your unique comments. I especially enjoyed the photo of your house and the Memorial Day thoughts... keep it up.... for those of us who do not own a sewing machine!! (And that's not a bad thing!) Karen

Wool Winder said...

What a treat! Quick thinking to get the camera out in time for a picture. Your co-worker's retort is classic (and very funny).