Sunday, April 01, 2007

Knitting with white

I recently observed just how much white yarn I had in my stash, so I've been working on putting it to use. Here's a wee gown and bonnet that will go to my local NICU, and a soft blanket that will go to Amy in Idaho on behalf of the Emmazing Grace Foundation.

For the gown and bonnet, I used Lion brand Microspun. It's a little "splitty" to work with, but has a lovely sheen and feels so soft and sweet when it's knit up, and it showed off the ribbing in the skirt just beautifully. For the blanket, I used a Bernat Baby Boucle for a soft, cloud-like texture.

No sooner had I finished the bonnet than I read this great post about preemie bonnets by Tracy at Woolwindings. I'm absolutely going to follow this pattern and the many ways for adapting it. Check it out for some new inspiration on this very special service work.


Wool Winder said...

This is a beautiful set! So delicate and pretty.

ruth said...

It's a gorgeous set, I love the little blanket.

Candy said...

ooohhh, both are sooo sweet! Thanks so much!! (HUGS)