Wednesday, April 18, 2007


If you know anyone on active military duty overseas, please consider extending them a little extra TLC about now. These folks and their families got a figurative kick in the gut last week with the news that their deployments are being extended an extra three months. There isn't anything that can really ease the disappointment and frustration they must all be feeling -- but a gesture to let them know we're thinking of them can't hurt.

You may be familiar with cool ties. They're long tubes of cotton fabric, into which you insert water-absorbing crystals. If soaked in water and tied around the neck, they can provide a little cooling action as the crystals evaporate, and they can be used over and over again. This is part of a batch going this weekend to my nephew David in Baghdad.
Here's the easy pattern. And if you want to make some for a soldier but you're hesitating because it's a hassle to get the little crystals, I will send you some. Seriously. I have a whole bag of the stuff, and each tie takes only about half a teaspoon. E-mail me: (annekenlonATstnyDOTrrDOTcom) with a mailing address and I'll send you enough for a nice batch of cool ties to send to someone you know, or to a program like The Ships Project.

Slippers, cool ties, or just a note or e-mail to say hello - just reach out and connect.


Joe said...

Anne, super...thanks.

Angelika said...

I've seen them sold at our Military clothing Store and I wanted to make some, but never knew where to get the crystals. Thanks for the inspiration and the links and I'll make some and send them to my husband and the guys in his unit in Baghdad. They'll love them, I'm sure. Carepackages are always welcome there.

Wool Winder said...

I know these will be appreciated.

tiennie said...

Cute socks. What great gifts you are making.

Anonymous said...

Super project, Anne.