Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bolero a-go-go

I've been working on the little knitted bolero inspired by the Abigail Breslin sweater in the paper a few weeks back. I was just chomping at the bit to see if I could mimic the sweater without a pattern. Fortunately I have a couple of little nieces who might not think it's too dorky to wear one of their auntie's experiments.

Today I finished this, knit on size 4 needles with denim-blue Wool-Ease (not my favorite yarn, but washable and already in my stash...)

Then I couldn't resist the urge to embellish with a little yarn embroidery, using tiny vintage buttons in the flower centers. So this is what's being blocked on my windowsill at this very moment.

I was aiming for a size five, and didn't trust the wide variety of sizing charts I found online. So I bought a little girl's shirt at our local gently-used children's clothing store and sized this sweater accordingly. I really love the way it turned out, and tonight will probably cast on another one in a size 6X. Since we got whalloped with another 10 inches of snow this weekend, it looks like I'll have plenty of sewing and knitting time tomorrow, too.

(I really hope this photos post OK - is it just me, or is anyone else seeing lots of red x's where blog photos ought to be????)


Wool Winder said...

I'm not having any trouble seeing the photos. The bolero turned out so cute! I love the embroidery that you added. I was wishing I could see it up close. Any chance for a zoomed up shot of the design and vintage buttons?

Anonymous said...

Anne, The bolero is adorable and I guarantee that the little girl (size 5-6) will love it. (She's my granddaughter!)

As you know I cannot comment on knitting or sewing---but I do know about red "X"s on blogs. If someone posts something in an unacceptable format, you'll see a red X. It could be that instead of a jpg, they used a photoshop format. Blogs will only that jpgs.

So, "Sewing Geek" ask your sister a "Computer Geek" and I'll try to respond.

Love, Karen