Monday, February 19, 2007

Warm socks, warm heart

I haven’t completed any blog-worthy projects the last couple of weeks, although I did have a lot of fun knitting a pair of new wool socks for my husband, who is very prone to cold feet.

It sounds like such an old-fashioned activity, sock-knitting. Felt like I should have been sitting in a rocking chair by the wood stove, knitting away by the light of the fire after having just spun the wool with my own hands, and saying, “I’m a-nearly done with these here stockin’s, Paw, you won’t have them cold feet no more, and yer a mighty good man.”

No, the scene last week was more like this:

  • Look up weather report on Internet Tuesday afternoon.
  • Gasp at prediction of 24 inches of snow for Wednesday.
  • Drive madly to Michael’s after work Tuesday to get a second ball of black Paton’s wool before the snow begins, because the single ball I had on hand, as it turned out, wouldn’t be enough to finish the pair. (He’s got some sizeable feet, that mighty good man of mine.)
  • Spend Wednesday evening knitting socks while watching double episode of “Lost” and still not really following the bizarre story line that well. Not caring that much about the story line, either, but caring more about the socks, which are looking pretty nice.
  • Spend Thursday evening knitting socks while watching Grey’s Anatomy, and subsequently worrying that Meredith might actually die, and wishing that Izzie would just stop yapping about everything.
  • Spend Friday evening looking up three different online explanations of the Kitchener Stitch to graft the toes, then growling because my own execution of said stitch looks bumpy and odd, and I am forced to weave resulting holes together with black sewing thread.
  • Spend Saturday evening feeling all full of myself because my husband, having walked to work and home again in the cold and snow, reports warm and comfy feet, thanks to his new wool socks. This, of course, warms my heart even more.

So it may not have hearkened us back to Little House on the Prairie times, but gee, it really was fun to knit some warm wool socks for that mighty good man!


tiennie said...

Awww...too sweet!

Angelika said...

There's nothing better than the feeling when others appriciate your knitting efforts.

Wool Winder said...

Hand knitted socks are the best!