Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pink plaid and roses

Is there any quilting project more satisfying than a big, sturdy, happy-looking baby quilt? If there is, I sure can't think of one.

I started cutting this one on Saturday afternoon and put the last stitches in the binding last night. It went together in a snap. I need to give it as a gift today, but there was no stress at all in meeting the deadline. Easy, easy, easy.

I read in one of Mary Hickey's great quilt books that she favors doing a very narrow inside border in a strong color to frame the piecework, then adding another wider border and repeating the strong color in the binding. I tend to follow that model whenever possible. Takes a lot of guesswork out of the fabric selection. And in this case, I love how the strong pink sets off the fun, quirky combination of the plaid and the rose print.

I love everything about baby quilts. I love picking the fabric. I love how the colors go together - inevitably, I tend to put green with the pink, and yellow with the blue. I love the simple designs that always work so well, like the classic Nine Patch/Snowball motif here. I love free-motion quilting through all the layers in a haphazard, meandering pattern. Most of all, I love thinking about the new little person who will use the finished product.

If I see this same quilt a few years from now, I hope it doesn't look anything like this. I hope it'll be rumpled from frequent dragging around, corner-chewing, naptime scrunching, and peekaboo-playing. I hope it'll show signs of many trips through the washer after inevitable urps, drools, and tea-party spills.

Could there be any better use of a baby quilt than that?If there is, I sure can't think of one.


Wool Winder said...

What a great gift!

ruth said...

It's a lovely quilt, and I couldn't agree more with the sentiment that quilts are made to be used and loved.

tiennie said...

I love baby quilts! Yours is great. I also like doing that narrow border thing too.

Ann said...

Quilts are definitely made to be used. I learned that in my very first quilting class.

Terrific quilts..there's just something fun about those darn little things.