Monday, April 17, 2006

Not enjoying the Tychus cap

Well, it was my own darned fault for not doing a gauge swatch. When I finished the Tychus cap last evening during "West Wing," it (the cap, that is) seemed a little large to me - in fact, it seemed a lot large. I tossed it over to my husband, who's got the sort of noggin you'd expect from a fellow who's six-foot-eight tall. And, while he truly does look adorable at all times, this cap was ridiculously big, even for him. And if it didn't look good on my husband, I'm not about to pawn it off on a Marine who's serving his country and needs to keep his ears warm.

(I was disappointed with how this cap turned out, but not nearly as disappointed as I was with the new West Wing episode. The promos indicated there'd be a full-out tribute to the late John Spencer and his character, Leo McGarry. Not so, apparently. The episode was OK, but not the cry-fest I had anticipated. And I had my Kleenex all ready. Sigh. )

Anyway, with the finished Tychus being of such gargantuan proportions, I ripped out the whole thing and wound it back into tidy balls by the time "Desperate Housewives" was over.

However, I haven't given up on the project. The pattern is good, even if my gauge was off. I'm stuck with my size 10 circular needle since most of my other needles, except for DPNs, are in storage until we move into our house next month. But I think I can fiddle with the pattern enough to make it fit a normal-sized person, and skip the roll-up cuff while I'm at it.

So…off I go to cast on 28 stitches instead of 38, and to do short rows over 14 stitches instead of 18, thus eliminating eight rows from Tychus' garter-stitch girth. And hey! It's West Wing re-run night on Bravo!


Joe said...

When you were a teenager, you could blame "Hullaballo" you sophisticatedly blame "West Wing".

Some things never change :-) !!

Zoanna said...

Anne, you crack me up. I think you knitted that Tychus cap for my levity. Thanks!
Anyway, found you via your comment on 25 Things. Back in March I posted about what to use as a design board. You mentioned you use really fluffy flannel by the yard and not needing pins that way. So, how long will quilt squares stay up on the back of the door , attached to said flannel?
Sometimes I have to leave my WIP for a week at a time. If I hung flannel on a wall (because my "sewing room" is also the office whose door is constantly in motion) would it hold for a few hours, a couple days, a week? Please leave your answer on my blog. Thanks!

anneonymousone said...

Hi, Anne,

Coincidences galore! I just found your blog info on another blog's comments about a child's helmet pattern, wondering about an adult version. There is a pattern at for an adult-sized one that I've been just begun making as part of the project you'll find on that page (and I see in another post that you're participating in something similar) and the project, which my 9th grade students and I will participate in.

The pattern calls for size 6 and 8 16" circs and size 8 DPNs. I've finished three (in Paton's Classic Merino Wool) and have the fourth (in Cascade 220)on the needles. They take less than a skein each, and the local A.C. Moore stores provide weekly coupons that can make the yarn cost 40% or 50% less. (I prefer the local independently-run yarn stores, but fiscal prudence plays a part in this, too.)

I'm not the most accomplished knitter in the world, and I was able to manage the pattern with only a little panic. It has a rounded decreased top to the hat rather than a top panel. The things looked weird until I got to the top decreases, like a hand puppet gone wrong. It makes more sense the second time. It may work to keep the wind off your friend's neck.

To make things even more coincidental, my blogspot blog is exactly one day older than yours. (It's for my students, so it's not of widespread interest.)

I hope your move and your knitting go well.

Plano Joan said...

This was hysterical and so well written. Dan is such a good sport, as always. And I couldn't agree more about West Wing. I don't know what I was expecting but that wasn't it! Not even a single film clip of Leo.