Sunday, April 23, 2006

Enjoying Tychus again

The pattern-fiddling worked! Even with my one-size-too-large needles, the adjustments on the Tychus instructions yielded a well-proportioned cap with a lively look. It was fun to experiment with the short rows, and the cap knit up quickly. The holes at the turning points didn't seem to be an issue this time, either - I did wrap the turned stitches, which helped. So I feel much better about it now. It's going into the mail next month to The Ships Project.

I'm going to try to get another knocked out, making this next one just a tiny bit longer. I made this one across 28 stitches - think I'll add two or three when I cast on again this evening. That's one thing I love about knitting - it's just so easy to rip things out and start over again, with nothing wasted, no harm done. Tychus is back in favor once again!


Zoanna said...

Oh, good. Glad to hear it.

Thanks for the message about the flannel board. We do have air conditioning in the summer, but with rates expected to jump 70% this summer, we may be making paper fans and sitting on the porch! I am more concerned that my 4 year old (an artist of every kind) will experiment with different quilt designs,if you know what I mean. I'll try to put it where he "might" ignore it.

Anonymous said...

ooh, this is great! I'm trying to make a Tychus for my 16 yr old brother for christmas (a little late, huh?) and it's on its way to being 30 in. around. I think the mods you posted might save me! thanks!