Monday, June 04, 2007


I've had a case of the blogging blahs lately. I've actually been doing a fair amount of sewing and knitting -- just not feeling inspired enough to write about it. In casting around for some variety in my crafting, I find I've gotten a little bit away from the service projects that I really enjoy the most.

I've got more to write on that topic later this week, but in the meantime ... this is what I did on Saturday morning:

I wasn't even going to post about these, but when I was catching up on other blogs this afternoon and saw the very excellent Wool Winder's post about dishcloths, I was moved by the cosmic connection. Cotton dishcloths were the very first thing I made when I re-learned how to knit in 2001 (after not having picked up knitting needles for more than 30 years). Once I started making dishcloths, I couldn't stop -- and I churned out so many of them that my family actually requested that I switch to something else!

I hadn't made any for ages, but the cotton is nice to work with on a hot and humid day, and I needed an inexpensive door prize for a club drawing, so these filled the bill. They may have even helped shake me out of my blogging blahs!


tiennie said...

I haven't yet made dishtowels but your's are very pretty! Love those colors

Wool Winder said...

Ha! Your family asked you to knit something else...that's a lot of dishcloths. I guess I don't need to warn you how addicting they can be. You're right, they are the perfect summer knitting.

ruth said...

They are very pretty. I haven't made dish clothes yet either. Cotton is too expensive here.

Joe said...

Wow, even a professional writer gets blogging block!!

Glad to have you writing again, Anne!!!

linda said...

I think it's the summer blogging blues, you know? I've got it and everyone else seems to have it. Blah-gging is a nice name for it, though. :o)

Karen said...

Anne, Maybe YOU have the blogging blahs but you inspire others. Thanks.