Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Show-and-tell Tuesday: Scrappy skirt

My wonderful 25-year-old daughter and one of her friends are coming up from New York City for Memorial Day weekend. And that, of course, means: It’s time to make skirts, skirts and more skirts!

I have a couple of them already stitched up and just awaiting a final fitting this weekend. Then yesterday I ran across this link on Craft Leftovers for a patternless, easy-to-fit skirt made out of long fabric strips. I have a drawer full of 2 ½-inch strips from quilt guild swaps this past year. So with just a little adapting of the instructions, they’ve begun to go together into a really dandy cotton skirt.

Two strips joined and trimmed down to 26 inches make this:

Use the seam as a center axis and rotary-cut a symmetrical wedge like this:

Then, just join them. Here’s how it’s starting to look after less than an hour at the sewing machine:

This random combination of prints may be a little on the hippie-chick side, but I think it could look quite sophisticated in just two coordinated fabrics – or super-tailored in a solid, with only the seams adding the visual interest.

I’m really looking forward to the girls’ arrival and having them both dig through bins of fabric to pick out the makings for other fun cotton skirts. What a great way to start the summer!


Pieces said...

Wow! That looks so great! I breezed right over that link at Craft Leftovers--thanks for sending me back. That skirt is really fun.

Maureen said...

how cute is that? can't wait to wear one of my very own!!!

Candy said...

I agree...too cute. Hannah would love a skirt like this.....maybe in another month. :-0

tiennie said...

What a great idea!

Wool Winder said...

Great use of scraps! I love the random combination.