Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When crafts collide, I can't decide

The jury's still out on my most recent effort for the upcoming silent auction for United Way.

Well, OK, it hasn't exactly gone before a jury. But I definitely need to run this purse past some young, hip sorts to see if it fits into the "fun and quirky" category or in the Land of Eternal Dorkdom.

Here's how it started -- I bought Designer Style Handbags by Sherri Haab in my quest for inspirations for the silent auction. There are some really cute ideas in there, including some wacky decoupage techniques for cigar boxes -- stuff I'll never do, but it was fun to read about them. One purse was a simple bag crocheted out of 3/4-inch strips of fabric. The author points out that the print won't show on these narrow torn strips -- only the color matters. So, it's a good way to use up any oddball novelty fabric that's taking up room in your stash.

Oh....you mean like THIS?????

So a couple of hours later, here's what I had instead:

It's lined with muslin, so it certainly is functional as a handbag. My only anxiety is that it might really look more like a grandmotherly potholder. And since I've been the most vocal advocate of the "no icky crafts" rule for the silent auction, I'd better get some opinions from trusted fashionistas at work tomorrow.

If it gets a thumbs-down, at least I'll know that -- on a rainy Saturday afternoon in August -- I finally got some use out of that enormous size-P crochet hook in my craft drawer!


Candy said...

Hi Anne, I spent a while reading your blog. It's wonderful!! As a mom of a preemie that did not make it, I would like to thank you for the wonderful charity work that you do. You're truly making a difference! I know you don't just do preemie and bereavement items, but I can vouch for that specific group. Best Wishes!

Diane said...

Hey Anne, I'm far from young but I still fancy myself as a hipster:)(my daughters wouldn't agree)
I thought this type of bag was cool until I saw them as kits in the closeout section of WalMart. Does that answer your question?!!
The Sept. issue of Lucky Magazine has some great inspiration in fabric bags. Beads, feathers, velvets, very lush and expensive. If you recycle the handles and hardware from thrift store handbags it brings the cost down and gives it a vintage feel.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents and from someone who carries a basic black shoulder bag most of the time.

Joe said...

Anne, you will get the feedback you need from your work pals...how about "silent feedback on the silent auction" and just let people leave anyonymous notes in the handbag???

Creative you are!!

Zoanna said...

Anne, after stifling my chuckles reading your self-abasing humor, I will step forward at the risk of losing a friend in cyberspace. I must concur with Diane. It's pretty telling when such a bag ends up on clearance at Walmart. Mind you, I love handbags. I think this one is functional as a tote, but I'm not sure I'd hang it with my other purses. And I don't quite get the Christmas trees on the fabric. Unless, of course, the item is specifically for carrying Christmas shopping. That could be its redeeming and most charming feature?!

When it comes to hip, I've got way more than my share, but we ain't talkin' fashion sense, I'm afraid. My advice on this, one, though? Bag it.

Anne K. said...

Y'know, Diane and Zoanna, you've confirmed my uneasy feeling about this thing, despite my co-workers' nice comments...it'll go into the auction since I've made it, but no more of these puppies! :-)