Monday, March 20, 2006

More uses for ugly fabric

Quite a few ideas have popped up for good uses of "ugly" fabric, so I'll take a look at some of them tonight. No pictures, except for the fabulous ones that are forming in my mind as I mull over these ideas...

  1. Consider not-so-great fabric for the lining of a fabric purse or tote bag (welcome donations at women's shelters).
  2. If it's a big, splashy print, cut it into 2 1/2-inch strips and use it as an inner border for a quilt. Use a simple patchwork pattern with "calm" prints or mellow plaids so the strong border doesn't cause a visual riot. Use a quiet print as the wider, outer border and repeat the loud stuff for the binding.
  3. If you just can't bring yourself to incorporate it into a project, use it to practice free-motion quilting - which, if you've never tried, you really should. It's incredibly easy and helps you get over that whole notion that you have to send all your quilt tops out to longarm quilters to complete. Use your too-embarrassing-to-give-away fabric to sandwich around batting in squares measuring about 18". Put your darning foot on your machine, lower the feed dogs, and practice, practice, practice. Here's a link with some tips. Here's another.
  4. What about making some small, cushy pads for your local animal shelter? Be sure and call first to see if they can use something like this - they may be unable to launder them, or have other policies that would preclude using something like these. But lots of shelters, especially those that take their adoptable pets out to community events, would welcome some colorful mini-quilts to line the cages of their little adoptees-to-be. Do call, though, and confirm cage sizes as well.

Great ideas, all, and I'm anxious to try a few. Hope this helped inspire a few more ideas.

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