Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gray slippers nearly done

The gray slipper-socks for The Ships Project are nearly done. I really like the sheen of the Caron Simply Soft. It has a much better texture than lots of other inexpensive acrylics. Soft and cushy...not that awful, scratchy, synthetic feel.

Ellen asks that contributors only mail items to her during the first seven days of the month. This allows her a concentrated period of time to go through all her mail and re-sort the piles, consolidating them into boxes bound for military stations all over the world. Then she can take a breather for a little bit until the whole cycle starts again the next month. So with the mailing dates more than a week away, I've got a little time to make a nice stocking cap with the rest of the yarn.

I can't help but wonder what soldier will end up pulling on these slippers a month or two from now. And I'm extremely grateful that one soldier, in particular, will not be. My brother's son David returned home a few months ago from a year as a medic in Iraq, and is happily back with his wife and their twin sons, who turned two years old last week. Another baby's on the way.

1 comment:

Jay said...

they look great... nice and chunky!
I can feel the relief in your writing at not having to worry about a family member being Over There!